Bundy yarn & thread Grade polyester fiber line
High-strength polyester thread Mattress Line
Polyester staple fiber lines Mark Line
Beads of light Braided  thread
Multicolored lines Embroidery thread
Transparent fishing thread Gold and silver

NO.2Finished train services.

Advanced technology, the plant has bright and spacious, high-quality professional R & D personnel and scientific management

NO.4Good and stable

Famous brands we work with are mainly Li Ning, Kappa, 361 degrees, Yashi, Samsonite, etc.


1000 different colors, sizes sewing thread, security spot trading

NO.3Bondi yarn, Bundy

A set of twisted yarn, dyeing and finishing molding, with passers-stop exporting service provider.

NO.5Imported equipment.

Our products have passed the import and export of high-grade testing center testing, to ensure that products do not contain AZO AZO elements.

Cost-effective, full color, to meet our needs

Our annual volume of knitted wire needs are great, I heard Xu Sheng line industry focus yarn industry has been ten years in the industry have a good reputation, so I cho..

Service, so that our cooperation no worries

We knitted garment factory is an old-line industry customers Xu Sheng, the main procurement card with three mountains dominated Xu Sheng yarn colors, and high-end Bundy ..

Yarn material is good, the product is not made ​​out of the same

I was the general manager of a shoe factory in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, and Xu Sheng cooperation has been for many years, and has been ordered Xu Sheng Bundy nylon th..

Xu Sheng yarn color and feel are good enough to be assured safety

Xu Sheng line yarn industry to provide the degree of either color, color fastness still feel very good. With their home production of polyester line or Bundy line, yarn ..


Dongguan Xu Sheng Line Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1998, xusheng line is located in shatian town, dongguan city. Now is a collection of twisting yarn, dyeing and finishing molding, export distribution through - train services, professional production of various sewing machines, embroidery machine products. Annual production reaches 5000 tons. The company produces N66 bondi thread, bondi yarn, tedoron bondi yarn, tedoron bondi thread, tedoron thread, wax thread embroidery thread, transparent thread and so on. Products are mainly used in the production of shoes, leather, clothing, bags, accessories.

These two types of polyester staple fiber are great!

Polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by cutting polyester (that is, polye.. {Text reading}