Fujian Jinjiang Footwear Fair use "Taiwan" force

Vice Mayor Wang Maoquan in Chengdu Jinjiang City, Fujian Province revealed on the 26th , the 16th China ( Jinjiang ) International Footwear Fair will be held in the " Chinese shoes" Jinjiang Machi City Hall 1 April 18 to 21 . By then, more than 500 companies from the U.S., Britain, Italy , Germany, Australia, South Korea , India and China , Hong Kong , Taiwan, more than 70 countries and regions will gather in Jinjiang , footwear grand undertaking.

    Wang Maoquan said the expo will take " Taiwan" force, the size of its specially created exhibition hall in Taiwan will reach the biggest this year , exhibitors groups from Taiwan confirmed 80 booths. Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association , Association of Machinery Industry continues to lead a delegation to participate.

     According to reports, the Taiwan Pavilion First in the Eighth China ( Jinjiang ) International Footwear Expo , the shoes will always be one of the most prominent highlights. Since 2006, the shoes will start eighth , Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association, Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry became the shoes will support unit, then there are 36 traders in Taiwan Footwear shoes will debut at the two sides have a greater repercussions. Taiwan Pavilion set up a separate , marked cross-strait cooperation and exchanges shoe into a new phase. After Taiwan's shoe goes by a single industry associations participating exhibitors , the show becomes a single product shoe machine, shoe and shoe products to show the whole industry chain , from trade to technical cooperation and exchanges , markets , and both sides of the footwear industry cooperation has been elevated to a higher level.

     Consecutive sessions has led a delegation of Taiwanese exhibitors Footwear Manufacturers Association president Mr. Lin Zhaojie said that Taiwan is one of the world's footwear technology more developed regions, with the world's leading edge research and development, professional design , shoe machinery manufacturing level , etc. ; the Jinjiang is the famous " shoes" , the shoe industry, large-scale, complete industrial chain , the two highly complementary " to the mainland market advantage , industrial advantages , combined with the advantages of Taiwan's R & D , marketing advantages , will be able to greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of China 's footwear industry . "

    Wang Maoquan said the move would Footwear Expo conference held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province , southwest of the market also saw the Chengdu Wuhou has a "Chinese shoes are " in the title , Chengdu lotus pond, large-scale wholesale market , Jinjiang footwear industry can look in the Southwest can break a world.

    Wang Maoquan said that in addition to the shoes will get support from the Taiwan area , Jinjiang will be held in July 2014 between Fujian and Taiwan Food Fair, has also been widespread concern in the food industry in Taiwan , and clearly there will be more than 50 organizations in Taiwan Food and upstream supporting exhibitors.

   This article from Global shoes network , the nylon line | Bundy lines - Xu Sheng finishing line industry publication .