361 ° new Asian games theme is "I love" AD, cheer for the Asian games athletes
August 6, the 18th Asian games held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the fire is lit, the 2018 Asian games, a senior partner in Jakarta, China's leading sports brand 361 ° new Asian games theme AD "I love", the film in the media platform has been comprehensive online. At the same time, the 361 ° 10 cities across the country to carry out "I love" Asian games flash carnival activities. 361 ° hope pass, "I love" brand, for to cheer the athletes of the Asian games at the same time encourage more young people into the sport you love.

361 ° new Asian games theme AD "I love"

"I love it" by China's national swimming team members sun Yang, li bingjie, as well as China's national cycling team members zhong angel, Lin junhong, guo yufang co-starring. The film shows the athletes' training in the swimming pool and on the cycling track, as well as their persistence and love for sports.

"They say scars are a knight's medal; They say, give and get. Sweat, they say, will win. They say that if you push the boundaries, you can conquer the world."

"Don't tell me scars are a knight's medal; May not be able to extraordinary play, may not be able to turn the tide, may not be able to become famous; The outcome is unknown, I, still try my best.

"To love you, I love you."

Despite all the difficulties, they never give up their love and persistence for sports. As 361 ° brand spirit advocated by more than once love - love is power to overcome all difficulties, win or lose and talents, not love.

Sun Yang, a member of the Chinese national swimming team, is fully prepared for the Asian games

Li bingjie, member of Chinese national swimming team, interprets "I am a lover"

Members of China's national cycling team chung angel, Lin junhong and guo yufang all appeared together

At the same time, since August 4, 361 ° in ten cities start a "I love" Asian games flash carnival activities, among them, the Asian games, Asian games I love dancing exhibition, international line running shoes interactive experience cool links such as attracting a large number of consumers to stop and enthusiastic participation. After the 361 ° has launched China's well-known singer and actress weichen cooperation with hip-hop stars hanyu "Asia glory" MV, and launched a challenge in the trill, Asian games 361 ° hope that through this a series of marketing activities, attract more young people with the practical action for the Asian games and Asian games athletes cheer.

Asian games 361 °, "I love" flash carnival in 10 big cities in China

Asian games will be opened on August 18, Jakarta, have for a third straight session sponsored by the Asian games 361 ° will help with the games organizing committee to all Asian games athletes get good grades, at the same time calling for full engagement more young people favorite sports, together to cheer for the games.

About 361 °

361 ˚ (Hong Kong stock exchange stock code: 1361), founded in 2003, is China's leading brand, research and development, design, production and marketing of an integrated sporting goods company, its products include sports shoes clothing and related accessories, children's wear, high-end outdoor category. Once more than 361 ° with "love" is the brand spirit, is committed to provide consumers love sports professional sports equipment in order to enhance its performance, and encourage them to continue to challenge yourself.