How to tell the difference between sewing thread

   Sewing thread products currently on the market with a big price difference, make it difficult for buyers to judge the true quality and price to sewing proportional to buyers of sewing quality in-depth understanding, simply list the following points:

1: First determine the sewing material.

   Sewing materials on the market there are many types, we can choose the same material in accordance with the sample or customer information provided. If 100% POLYESTER (pure yarn Lun line), the material currently on the market is called we are the same, but the same material prices are very far, is part of the enterprises to adopt the principle of 60% Polyester +40% recycled materials were blended, so the prices are great advantages, but there are some differences in terms of quality and tension, and such materials are often not up to standard testing.

2: from the appearance to judge the quality of sewing thread:

  a.whether the appearance of the finished sewing fluff on the phenomenon from the beads, wound appearance is uniform, if uneven, inside there are joints.

  b. the appearance of the finished thickness is uniform sewing thread, sewing normal purchase three stocks better.

  c. finished sewing thread forming properly, marking clear mission

3. sewing thread tension must always testing instruments, checking from time to time, due to raw material market factors, changes in a big rally.

4. Environmental sewing thread detection, in addition to suppliers to provide the relevant certificates, must also rigorous testing (cross-party testing) checks, and ensure that the relevant certificate is valid and effective.

5.Sewing telescopic degrees, the low-end sewing take in your hand, pull it by hand, sewing thread, there will be some flexibility, easy sewing thread becomes longer and thinner thickness of the line will not reach the line The standard specification, it is because sewing thread after a high temperature without special treatment.

6. When sewing thread sewn easily break fluff, which is sewing thread did not reach thermal wear reasons.

7. sewing thread sewing process easy to tie in

8. sewing thread will appear when sewn beads and bulk stocks from the phenomenon, because of the twisting process of sewing insufficient twist.
These are part of the judgment The quality sewing thread, high-quality sewing thread for enterprises to improve production efficiency, but also can help companies in the product reflects the texture of sewing thread, sewing thread, not price it as the preferred choice, should be considered quality sewing thread as the first condition.