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Everyone in the sewing field knows about wax threads, but do you know what they are?

The wax thread in the production process is rather slow, first by the high quality fiber monocle carefully twisted into semi-finished products, and then through the high temperature of the environmental protection waxing equipment becomes the wax thread.

Cotton, silk, terylene, polyester, and other lines that have been waxed by waxing equipment, are used for many purposes, such as hardcover book block binding materials, but also for clothing, medical and other industries.

Below small make up for everybody brings a kind of wax thread of xu sheng line industry.

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Scope of application:

It is mainly used for sewing women's shoes, boots, sandals, handbag ornaments, handbag straps, handicrafts, luggage and other products.

Main features:

The main features of this line are high tensile strength, wear resistance and inelasticity.

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