Dongguan shoe, "Do not stare already saturated Europe, the mainland market is more impressive."

China produced 12 billion pairs a year of shoes , on domestic consumption of 40 million pairs of footwear is already the world's largest consumer. " Blue Pearl Footwear Fair General Manager Yuen Po introduce even the domestic shoe industry downturn , the parties are still optimistic about market growth in China and Southeast Asia this year, 18 to 20 September , the first" Pearl Shoe Exhibition " will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou , Taiwan footwear union organizers into the Wando Merchants yesterday , calling Dongguan shoe exhibition to explore the mainland market , and revealed that purchasing groups will be organized to participate in the Indonesian stock fairs, Dongguan enterprises will help inexpensive shoes sold in emerging economies.

    Parties optimistic about growth in China and Southeast Asian markets. " China's economy will overtake the United States at the end of this year , while last year's Macau gaming revenue in Las Vegas is already seven times ," Tandon International Ltd. Chen Yun detailed analysis Associate in the fashion industry , China and Southeast Asia form a huge market also driven drama or a movie star , the does not depend on Europe . They are accelerating the layout of these two markets. Blue mysterious garden called Dongguan enterprises should actively join them , rather than staring at the already saturated European markets.