No matter how advanced the technology is, sewing is always inseparable from thread!

Nowadays, with the rapid development of modern technology and economy, even sewing is done by machines. But do you still know what sewing is?

Sewing refers to the work of weaving, sewing, embroidering, etc. done by women in the past. The term "women workers" is more commonly used to refer to women working in the fields of textiles, sewing and embroidery.

No matter be to use hand to sew now or use machine to sew, cannot leave the thread that sewing place needs, what today small make up brings is solson line industry, a few lines that suit to use to sew go up.

Product display


Product features

The main features of the product are:

It's not easy to knot

2. Tension is not easy to break the wire

3. High wear resistance

4. High temperature resistance and strength

5. Strong corrosion resistance

Detailed display of finished products