Chemical industry in the future: growth has gradually narrow road space simply do

19th China International Chemical Fiber Conference in Tongxiang, Zhejiang offer a feast for the global chemical industry. Not a prosperous year, but it has a higher popularity, this year's conference is a lot to China International Chemical Fiber lifted. This is a common attitude to seek a breakthrough in the industry, or a sign of the industry before the counter-attack?

      With the global economic recovery and uncertainty in the development of China's economic slowdown, chemical fiber industry has been affected by many internal and external factors ineffective. Slowdown macroeconomic adjustment and structural transformation and upgrading of China's chemical fiber industry provides a strong favorable Forced mechanism. Chemical industry, more and more companies come to the crossroads of development, they recognize to stop and think long-term development is responsible behavior. Although the industry currently caught in dilemma, but reporters at the scene did not feel confused participants, by contrast, they have more on the development of the industry consensus and expectations.

      China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong said the chemical industry in the future is bound to innovation-driven, endogenous growth, resource conservation, and efficient way of intensive development. Scale development of chemical fiber industry shift from conventional fiber development of high-tech fibers and functional fibers focused direction.

      President of the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, also believes the end Xiaoping, China's chemical fiber industry has come to rely on bigger amount, the scale will be able to pursue opportunities to win stages of development, structural adjustment and the quality is being transferred from the high-speed expansion-led growth period led economic benefits of steady growth. Such views were numerous chemical entrepreneurs agree that they perceive in the ups and downs of the market, the chemical industry, the scale of the speculative development will not bring a wider profit margins, will be replaced by careful management products, business culture, business brand. Complex environment for the chemical industry to inject new technology, new resources, low carbon and brand vitality, become the common responsibility of enterprises. In the chemical industry, comparing many countries and regions of the world can be found in the new situation of China's chemical fiber remodeling new advantages, is extremely urgent.

There is room for future growth

China's chemical fiber industry into the "Twelfth Five-Year" since the growth rate decreased significantly. Indeed, during the "Eleventh Five-Year", an annual growth rate of 13.2% chemical fiber industry, chemical industry, "second five" development plan which the average annual growth rate has been adjusted to fiber 5.8%. Deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Consumer Goods Industry Wang said, the pace of development in recent years is expected within the. In making judgments about the future situation, Wang pointed out that, on the whole situation, although on the surface, less than half of the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of China's chemical fiber industry growth rate, but the quality of development is increasing steadily. And from the future development trend, China's chemical fiber industry after the upgrade still has much room for development.

China Textile Industry Association, honorary president Hsu Kun-yuan, after analyzing the current development of the world chemical industry believe that the world fiber production continued its upward trend, in which the importance of fiber over time continues to emerge, China's chemical fiber industry still has a wide room for growth. Meanwhile, China's textile and consumption out of the meet, into improving and consumption, which requires China's textile industry restructuring to meet new consumption patterns. For the chemical industry, Xu Kun Yuan said, changing consumer demand will lead to the future development of China's chemical fiber industry is not entirely volume growth, but also to enhance and increase the variety of quality.

NDRC Department of Industry inspector Yanli believe that China's chemical fiber industry has now reached a critical period of structural adjustment, while domestic production capacity in resolving the future, we should pay attention to the difference versatile fiber, high-tech fibers, bio-based chemical fibers, recycled fibers, etc. development of varieties and industry technology.

Currently, the boom of the chemical industry is also of concern. September 3, Tong Kun shares announced a resolution of the general meeting, the implementation does not exceed 550 million yuan repurchase shares. Tong Kun Group chairman Chen Shiliang, said Tong Kun Group is optimistic about the prospects of the industry, believes chemical industry experienced depth adjustment, is now stabilized for the better. Chen Shiliang, said: "This means Tongkun benefits will rebound, we believe that the future Tongkun effective stabilization of the good will definitely pull our share price." End Xiaoping Tong Kun Group in the evaluation of this initiative, said Tong Kun Group repurchase shares this behavior is encouraged by the industry, which is "Tong Kun Group of chemical fiber industry, a confidence in the polyester industry performance."

Technology innovation is more important

2011 Global polyester production was 38.68 million tons, accounting for 75% of the entire synthetic fiber production. 2012 China's polyester output was 30.57 million tons, accounting for 80.6% of China's chemical fiber production. China Textile Industry Association, honorary president Xu Kun Yuan when it comes to the importance of science and technology in the process of reviewing the rapid development of the polyester industry. He pointed out that the reason polyester industry develop so fast, mainly rely on technological progress, in recent years a large capacity, superfine technology equipment in China to improve the quality level of the product, compare costs, so some investors to invest in this desperately market. Therefore, there has been significant investment in the same period of similar products, leading to market a "indigestion." Xu Kun Yuan also believes that it is not behind the product glut, but the same advanced technology and equipment developed too quickly.

10 years, technological advances to the polyester industry has brought tremendous changes. End Xiaoping also addressed in the introduction, Polyester industry is the biggest beneficiary of scientific and technological progress. Currently, unit investment polyester industry was 10 years ago, 1/8, the original construction period is 1/2, the product of the processing costs is the original 1/2, the spinning speed is 8 times 10 years ago.

Over the past 10 years, China's chemical fiber industry has made considerable progress in scientific and technological development over the next 10 years, the industry will be more scientific and technological progress to complete the upgrade industry. End Xiaoping analyze There are three main reasons: First, China's economic transformation can not simply continue to support the expansion of the scale of the second, the marginal effect of technological progress in cost control and scale is gradually reduced third countries to promote traditional techniques of chemical fiber industry power and ability to progress declining, China's chemical fiber industry is bound to gradually assume the global chemical industry driven by scientific and technological progress of the task.

Usher in the development of high-speed high-performance fiber

End Xiaoping believes that over the next five years to 10 years is the golden period of development of high-performance fibers, he believes there are several facts can prove this point: industrial applications is constantly expanding technological advances to bring high-performance fiber production latecomer advantages, including the expansion of China's economic transformation and upgrading of low-cost production and downstream applications, including chemical fiber industry transformation and upgrading needs. For the development of high performance fiber end Xiaoping have a few suggestions: To learn from the development experience of conventional chemical species from downstream to upstream development advantage to targeting the international chemical development, to achieve low-cost production is a global trend to focus on basic theoretical research, and strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions to focus on R & D recycling technology to mitigate the high performance resistant to acid, corrosion-resistant fibers exist in the future application of environmental pollution process problems.

Speaking of the next 3 to 5 years, which is the most worthy of high performance fibers and applications, Textile Research Institute of China, said Zhao Qiang, carbon fiber, high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber, polyphenylene sulfide, basalt fiber and other high performance fiber varieties all will be widely applied in the downstream areas of product development. Qiang said that, after the development of the product directly influenced the development of high-performance fibers, how to increase application development of these high-performance fibers, the fibers must be determined according to its own characteristics.

The rapid development of high-performance fibers are important partly because the demand driven industrial textiles. Across the globe, many countries and regions regarded chemical industry aimed at the future development of the market in this field, and after the continuous upgrading of technology, fusion technology, expand the application fields of the fiber. Vice President of the Japan Chemical Fiber Industry Association on Hideshi said Japan's application of chemical products will further expand the target market will make more efforts in areas including transportation, information, environment and so on. Secretary-General of the Indian Association of Synthetic Fiber Suresh Chander Kapur also pointed out the direction of India's largest chemical applications are textiles, including medical, building materials, automotive, sporting goods and other fields.
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