Polyester sewing thread sewing thread manufacturers classification
(A) nylon (Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6)
    Nylon thread called nylon cord, beads of light, is close by the continuous filament nylon fibers twisted together, smooth, soft, elongation of 20% --- 35%, better flexibility, burning white smoke. High wear resistance and good lightfastness, mildew, coloring around 100 degrees degrees, low temperature dyeing. Because of its high seam strength, durability, seam equatorial, can meet the needs of a wide range of different sewing industrial products have been widely used.
Here is its general physical characteristics:
       Line Daniel average intensity (KG)
       40 # 210D/1x2 2.3
       30 # 210D/1x3 3.5
       20 # 210D / 4 4.8
       10 # 210D/2x3 7.0
       5 # 210D/3x3 10.0
       0 # 210D/4x3 14.0
(B) The special multi-line
Special multi-line: also known as high-strength wire, polyester cord, is composed of high-strength low-stretch polyester continuous filaments twisted together, temperature 130 degrees, high tension, low elongation, inelastic; however poor wear resistance than nylon line hard, burning black smoke, 130 degree high temperature dyeing.
Its common specifications model:
       Line Daniel average intensity (KG)
       60 # 150D/1x3 2.4
       40 # 210D/1x2 2.4
       30 # 210D/1x3 3.6
       20 # 210D/1x4 4.5
       10 # 210D/2x3 6.0
       5 # 210D/3x3 9.0
       0 # 210D/4x3 11.0
There are some other coarse size, 15 shares, 18 shares, 21 shares, 24 shares, 30 shares and so on.
(C) PP pure polyester thread
Polyester PP pure polyester raw material production line, also known as SP line, PP lines, but also from high strength low extension is made, the surface of wool yarn, temperature 130 degrees, the temperature dyeing. Polyester raw materials is the most able to withstand all the friction, dry cleaning, stone wash, bleach and other detergents material, low elongation and low expansion rate, to protect the excellent sewing properties and prevent wrinkles and jump needle.
Common models are:
       20S / 2,20 S / 3,20 S / 4,
       30S / 3,30 S / 2,
       40S / 2,40 S / 3,
       50S / 2,50 S / 3
       60S / 2,60 S / 3
(Four) Bundy line
Bundy lines are Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6 two materials, nylon filament is twisted by a sustained, coupled with the bonding process, the number of shares of all yarns are bonded together, even through with scissors, and never will diverge. Then through the high-performance lubrication treatment, with daily heavy sewing processes, such as: leather, canvas products, or sneakers.
Elongation rate of 20 - 28%, better abrasion resistance, easy to break, such as ribbon-like smooth surface.
 Common Model:
       Line Daniel
       30 # 210D/1x3
       20 # 280D/1x3
       10 # 420D/1x3
       5 # 630D/1x3
(Five) polyester fiber leather sewing thread
Polyester fiber leather sewing thread, also known as special product line, the choice of a high quality grease with high-strength synthetic filament twisted together, compare it with the same level of nylon or PP cord, pull strong, soft material, low elongation degrees, inelastic, bright colors bright, not faded, and has the characteristics of Light, heat and abrasion, the most suitable for sewing all kinds of leather goods, shoes, artificial leather products.
Common specifications are:
       Line Daniel
       80 # 120D/1X3
       60 # 150D/1x3
       40 # 210D/1x3
       30 # 250D/1x3
       20 # 420D/1x3
       15 # 630D/1x3
       10 # 840D/1x3
(Six) Mark Line
Mark lines are formed on the basis of PP TWISTED pure polyester line on the S twist and Z have to, that is, the left and right twist twist.
There are two ways twist, one is twisting together several strands together to kind of share is 2 or 3 or 4 shares and other shares first twisted into a small unit, then these small share of 3, 4 or 5 shares 6 stocks and other twisted together into a large stock, common specifications: 2x3, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x6, 4x3, 6x3.
(Vii) Polyester cored wire
Polyester cored wire is made of polyester filament core, outside and then coated with polyester staple fiber sewing thread. Strong higher and more balanced, moderate toughness, stitches sewn closely, with excellent low shrinkage, good abrasion resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, antistatic properties, coupled with the lubricating oil line specializes in used in fine sewing, and operation of high seam strength requirements of the cook, there really is the perfect combination. Common specifications are: 602,402,403,202,203 and so on.