Expand the application fields around the downstream demand

South Korea's chemical industry will be in cooperation with the automotive industry, electronics industry, robotics, new energy and other areas to further increase capacity, expand the application fields. South Korean production and sales of high value-added products to enhance not only the amount will be, will further improve visibility.

     In 2012, the Korean chemical fiber production reached 1.472 million tons, basically flat with 2011. In 2012, Korea's total fiber consumption by 58%, and exports by 42%. South Korea's chemical industry trade showed a surplus, as imports have increased dramatically every year. South Korean chemical fiber industry to focus on high value-added product differentiation, including spandex, tire cord fabric and so on. Further, Korean production of carbon fiber reinforced, and aramid fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. We hope to set up production bases in the world, while also enhance the brand influence.

     South Korean chemical fiber production is still increasing, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, PPS, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and other industries on major investments. Korean carbon fiber demand increasing, mainly in the automotive industry, electronic industry, robotics, new energy continues to grow, aramid fiber is also likely to grow further.

     South Korean chemical fiber industry in some areas is leading, for instance cord fabric, spandex. Currently, the integration of chemical industry and other industries is one of the most popular topics, but also some new chemical species is also the driving force behind the development. Fiber in the automotive, environmental, new  energy,construction, pharmaceutical, aerospace, agriculture and others have purpose. Therefore, to continue to develop new chemical downstream products, expand markets. South Korean industrial chemical used in the field of textiles in 2020 may reach 50%. This requires the establishment of a new development model, through the integration of technology and cooperation to achieve.

Source: China Textile Network
      Transparent lines, high-strength polyester thread, metallic yarn - issued by Xu Sheng finishing line industry