Good Bondi Line Xusheng Manufacturing, do you know the characteristics of the Bondi line?

Bondi threads are twisted with high-quality polyester fibers. With special lubricating formula, the thread oil is resistant to high temperature, non-stretchable, non-bleaching, continuous threading, lint-free and other properties during sewing, and is waterproof and mildew resistant. And other characteristics.

Its characteristics: In addition to the characteristics of ordinary nylon threads, it also has the advantages of high tensile strength, good wear resistance, small shrinkage, moderate elasticity and smooth seams; it is widely used for sewing car seats and airbags, leather furniture, luggage , Parachutes, wetsuits, high-end sports shoes, tents, sails, canopies, and high-quality mattresses.

The most prominent advantages are high strength, good heat resistance, and good light resistance. The polyester bondy yarn uses high-strength polyester (p polyester bondy yarn advantage olyester) filaments, and the strands are bonded together through a special process. To achieve the purpose of the thread will not loose strands or fluff during the sewing process. Compared with other types of sewing threads, N66 Bondi thread has the advantages of high tension, low elasticity, no expansion and contraction, and smooth seam. Uses: Suitable for sewing high-end sports shoes, leather shoes, handbags; high-grade leather goods, furniture sofas; trolley cases, space bags and other polyester materials, and when the sewing thread is inelastic, choose.





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